Blissful Holidays

After two weeks of a blissful holiday, I now report back to the National Defence University of Malaysia, where Malaysia's future military officers are trained. You may ask: "How are you guys trained?" And I'll proudly answer you: "By standing like idiots for hours in a parade square."

I kid you not, the moment I reported back to camp at 1800H, I have been standing in the parade square till 2200H. That is 4 bloody hours just for the duty officer to count our strength. 

Not complaining, since complaining won't help my situation much. Perhaps the best course of action would be to think positively. So positive thinking....... We'll, I guess I can be grateful the duty officer today was once awarded the Best Cadet Award when he commissioned a few years back. Meaning that he is the smartest, the fittest, the best the army has to offer. 

Just imagine for a moment if another officer is on duty today, one who has not be awarded the Best Cadet Award. He'll be struggling to count pass 10 making us stand till the next morning. So yeah... I guess things could have been much worse. 

I usually try to travel a little during my holidays, trying to experience this big beautiful mother earth. But this 2 weeks of holiday was a little different where I actually spend some time catching up with long lost friends, friends who grew up together with me, high school friends and so on.

I traveled up north to Ipoh to spend some time with these ladies before they head back to the US.

From left to right: Michelle, me and Kendra

With heavenly good food invading my stomach throughout my whole stay in Ipoh and good fellowship, I'd say I had a wonderful time.

I also traveled down south to Singapore to meet up with this crazy bastard:

Noel Martin Smith!!

With a drink in hand (I don't drink alcohol if you are wondering),

and awesome music blasting throughout the night,

we talked just like old times, catching up with one another and all in all having a good time.

There is a saying which goes: "True friendship is forged only in high school and in the army". So I guess I'm pretty lucky to have quite a few good friends in my life. 

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