A Glimpse into Our Life

The one activity that keeps the soldiers fit for war is none other than physical training, or better known yet as PT. Never before has a session of PT been photographed and shown to the outside world but today, today I had the privilege of photographing an entire session of 2010 medical cadets doing their PT. So, presenting the ladies:

And gentlemen:

At the break of dawn, with the early morning Muslim prayers echoing through out the still morning mist, we get out of bed and prepare to go for our PT.

It all starts with a little stretching,

Which then quickly excaltes to sprints,

Push ups and so on...

As the morning progressed, we found ourselves crawling and rolling in the field,

Going through various exercise designed to strengthen and toughen one up.

The ladies do the same exercise as the guys, making our ladies very scary.

The intensive and strenuous exercises drives every single medical cadet on the field to exhaustion, except that one Chinese bugger running around taking pictures.

With military training instead of holidays during our semester break, a generation of future army doctors is slowly and painstakingly created. A generation where all are fit and strong. 

Capable of running any distance ordered,

And being able to carry their own weight and more,

But most importantly, a generation of peace loving military doctors are born. Where a nation's peace and security is priority. 


Yours truly,

Lim Shimri6 Comments