The Upward Plunge Part 2

Day 2: Pairo- Lantang Village

Faithfully following behind the retreating back of Mann our guide, he led us ever onwards to the snowy caped mountains.

After staring at Mann's bag for hours, I slowly came to memorise every single detail of the bag, every meticulously patched up tear, every faded stain. The image of the bag was so firmly etched into my mind that I see it every time I close my eyes, even dream about it when I sleep. Mann should have been carrying my medical books, that way I could have memorise the whole book instead...

So with Mann leading the way, me slightly behind him and Aiman covering up the rear, we walked across the Langtang trek of the Himalayas. 

Just as I was thinking how our journey is somewhat similar to the journey of Frodo in The Lord of The Rings ( Mann being Sméagle, Aiman being Sam and me being Frodo), I dislodged some stones sending them rolling down a hill alarming a flock of birds which took flight immediately. It was a magical moment as we stood on top of a hill surrounded by the serene mountain view and engulfed in a cloud of birds, at least it was magical until the shit started dropping..

As the sun started sinking behind the mountains, we arrived at Lantang Village hungry, weary and cold. The village made up of many small houses with chimneys smoking was a very welcomed sight. The smoke means fire and fire means warmth and food. 

The whole village was already in shadows as we walked towards our chosen tea-house to spend the night, except for a field nearby where the last rays of the sun still shone. 

In that last ray of sun, I saw a small young boy dancing, spinning and tumbling around. He looked so happy, so care-free, laughing as he danced, screaming as he spun and fell. 

I wanted to capture that tender moment but as I approach the boy, he quickly disappeared back into his house.

Dinner that night was a cold affair. 

Even with a heater burning red hot trying in vain to heat up the dining area, everyone was shivering as we huddled round the heater gulping down hot tea and wolfing down our Dhal Bhats (a local rice dish).

Remember the dancing young boy? Well, apparently he and his family were staying next door to us. It was so cold that they came over to share the fire and have dinner together. 

After dinner I took out my iPad and let the dancing boy and his brother have a go at some of the games I have in my iPad. They were mesmerized.. 

I could see their exciment as they figured how to beat the games. The brother concentrated especially hard while playing a game that even a blob of mucus slowly dripping out from his nose went unnoticed. 

These mountain folks seem to have nothing, no televisions, no computers, no overpriced apple products, no nothing. But in reality, these people actually have everything. 

They have the purest form of joy by enjoying simple things in life like dancing in the sun, they get the highest satisfaction achieved by pitting themselves against mother nature and excelling, they enjoy the blues skies, the high mountains....

What wouldn't I give to have what they have..