My 2 Cents

Being in an environment where the mind is believed to be in total control of the body, I've seen various occasions where extreme feats of greatness are achieved through pure will power alone.

Photo credits to Pet S. Salvador

Be it mentally or physically, anything, even perfection can be achieved with the right amount of determination. 

After years of disciplining and training our bodies, through pain and sweat, a bond is formed between our bodies and us. The body becomes a trusted companion, something we rely on, trusted to never fail us. The body and us against the world. 

At least that was what I believed until I was posted to the hospital.

Here in the hospital, the ultimate betrayal is witnessed many times over. The betrayal of the body. 

The body you thought would be there with you till the very end suddenly decides to turn against you, growing something sinister, something that eats you up from within, something that renders you paralysed for the rest of your life.  

So much for mind over body huh? How can that tumour be controlled with sheer determination? That damn infection running through your nervous system halted with will power?

You know the moment when one learns he/she has only a few more months to live? It is heart-breaking. Extremely so. Coming from one who doesn't usually like to express feelings, you can trust me on that. 

There are many reactions upon reception of the bad news. Some burst out laughing, hoping with every fibre in their body that the doctor is playing an April fool joke. Slowly, as they realised it isn't April yet, the tears starts flowing amidst the laughter. 

Others literally break down, wailing and crying, looking stunned and devastated upon the betrayal of their beloved body.

After witnessing all these betrayals, I have come to one conclusion: live life to the fullest while the body is still on your side. Go climb that mountain, jump off that plane, marry the love of your life, run that marathon, write that book, volunteer for social services or whatever. Just as long as you fulfil as many dreams and goals as you can. Thus, when the betrayal comes, you can actually calmly sit back with your legs crossed and know that you have had a good run.

My uncle who is paralysed waist down due to a bout of poliomyelitis during his childhood once told me:

" Life is short enough to enjoy but too long to suffer" 
                                                         -Lim Sow Seng-

Simple yet deep; beautiful and sweet. So yeah.. let us use that short time to the max just in case we may have to suffer later on.

Yours truly,

Lim ShimriComment