Our 4th Anniversary

I know I am more than a few days late but anyway, 22nd May 2014 marks the 4th year since I reported to the National Defence University of Malaysia to pursue my Medical degree. In conjunction with this special date, here is a poem I wrote to celebrate and also to commemorate our journey together thus far. No offence is meant and if I do somehow offend you, my sincerest apology is offered in advance. So, here goes my so called "poem":

University Pertahanan National Malaysia is my university,
we go by the motto of duty, honour and integrity.
Similar to any institution of credibility,
we have our moments of pride and also ignominy.

The latter is none other than our famous Rid Tee.
Disorientated as he might be,
please do not call him a bloody babi,
for it is a great insult to the swine community.

Throughout these 4 long years,
sweat, blood and tears has become no stranger.
Extreme suffering of the body has somehow become meagre,
we all have become a little stronger.

Tough and stressful it might be, joy and laughter do happen occasionally.
And it usually comes after a nice steaming bowl of mee curry.

Annoying patients out of their sufferings are what we do best.
To the extent where patients even shout: "Just let me bloody rest!"

Many a night are spend in the hospital,
with nothing to sustain us but apples,
in hopes of gaining knowledge that dazzles.

The true meaning of unity is found in the army,
not some "1-Malaysia" slogan which rings empty.

I know our walk to be a doctor is not easy,
Pray we'll have the strength to finish the journey completely.

Pray also we will one day be generals full of competency,
planning and improving the Medical Corps properly.

Lastly,  I hereby present you with Intake 2010 Medical Cadets of the National Defence University of Malaysia.

-The End-
Lim ShimriComment