Million and million years ago, when planet earth was young and green and when dinosaurs roam the earth freely, tiny elements called carbon were buried in the soil. Over the years, those carbon get buried deeper and deeper and deeper... 


So deep the carbon goes that it comes close to the core of earth where the temperature is searing hot and the pressure tremendous! Studies have shown that the pressure exerted is over 300 000 pounds while the temperature is over a 1000˚C.


Interestingly enough, after an extended time of exposure to the extreme heat and pressure, the carbon slowly transform from a worthless piece of carbon to a shiny glittering sparkling element called diamonds!


About a week ago, after years of military training, 339 cadets officially passed out from the National Defence University of Malaysia as proud young officers. Similar to the carbon, the cadets first joined the Defence University as clueless naive teenagers. Walking around innocently, expecting things to be all sunshine and smile. They are quickly brought to reality as they are subjected to all kinds pressure (academically, emotionally, mental and physically) and extreme heat (literally! Imagine marching for hours under the hot Malaysian sun). Overtime, the weak is rooted out leaving only the best of the best, and those best of the best similar to the carbon will be transformed to diamonds at the end of the day. 

So my whole point is that each and every cadet officer in the National Defence University of Malaysia are pieces of highly selected carbon waiting to change into diamonds. The Malaysian Armed Forces using specific and specialised selection methods has identified and hand picked you to be moulded and shaped in something valuable. Remember that not everything changes to diamonds under pressure and heat. Even after centuries of exposure to heat and pressure, a piece of shit remains a piece of shit albeit a little flatter and blacker.  So hang in there, carbon! Be proud that you have been chosen to undergo this challenge and make the best of this opportunity!



On a more personal note, I'm glad to say that I have finally fully recovered with minimal scarring. Am on my two feet once again and am ready to take on the world! Thank you for all the prayers and well wishes, they truly meant a lot to me in this down time of mine.

My violin learning is going very well too. Been practising day and night while I was recovering back in Melaka much to the dismay of my neighbours. Perhaps one of the reason why I recovered so fast was due to the desperate prayers of my whole neighbourhood. Praying I recovered ASAP and get back to work, relieving them of the relentless screeching and scratching that sounds like a cat dying. Haha. 


I even took a few self portraits just in case Malaysia Philharmonic Orchestra called. Now all that is left is just to learn how to play. So till then!


Second Lieutenant (Dr) Lim Shimri

Shimri Lim