“Unsung Heroes”

Whenever one thinks of a hospital, the only thing that comes to mind is the doctors. It’s as if the whole show is run by the doctors and the doctors alone. Little do they know that in reality they couldn’t be further from the truth. To keep a hospital functional, an army of people who are specifically trained in their respective tasks are required to man certain stations. Each job plays an equally important role contributing to the medical health system we have today.

After working for almost two years in a hospital, I have come to realize and appreciate the people working quietly behind the scenes. Hence, this photography project entitled 'The Unsung Heroes'.

This photography project represents my insight working as a houseman of a hospital. There is a tall hierarchy system in the hospitals of Malaysia and being right at the bottom of it gives us a very interesting perspective. 

I hope this project would be able to enlighten the people about the many roles in a hospital and their contribution. In hopes that a little kindness & gratitude can be shown to the Unsung Heroes at your next hospital visit.



Sacrificing their youth and freedom, soldiers voluntarily give up the pleasures of a civilian to take on the responsibility as defenders of our beloved nation upon their shoulders.

They spend months if not years undergoing training and serving in missions abroad and locally. They endure the toughest of training, survive the most hostile of environments and are even ready to die for the greater good. 

However, no matter how tough and strong soldiers are, they are only human; they have a limit and a breaking point. The thing that differentiates soldiers from the norm is the determination to go beyond their limits and overcome their breaking point.

And this is what this whole project is about: the reason behind that determination and grit.