About me

Since you are here, you must be new to me and must be wondering who am I and what do I do. Well, my name is Lim Shimri and I'm from Melaka, Malaysia.

I'm currently pursuing my degree in Medicine and Defence Health at the National Defence University of Malaysia (NDUM). Seeing as how my university is a military university, I'm naturally in training to be a future army officer. I'm active in triathlon and have represented Malaysia in several oversea races.

I try not to make triathlon the only thing about me and thus I try to learn new things during my spare time. One of the skills I have picked up along the way is photography.

This blog is a not place where I bore you to death with endless race reports and complaints of life. But rather, this will be a record of my journey as a medical student, cadet officer in training, an athlete and most importantly a maturing young man. 

So, join me on my journey where I slowly grow and mature as I experience life at it's fullest :)